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  • Counseling for individuals, couples, teens, and children
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Family Counseling
  • Family therapy is based on the belief that the family is a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. These patterns are determined by many factors, including the parents' beliefs and values, the personalities of all family members, and the influence of the extended family
  • Our therapist will assists in identifying conflicts and anxieties and helps the family develop strategies to resolve them.
  • Strengthens all family members so they can work on their problems together.

Marriage / Couples Counseling
  • Provide a confidential dialogue, which normalizes feelings
  • Enable each person to be heard and to hear themselves
  • Empower the relationship to take control of its own destiny and make vital decisions
  • Identify the repetitive, negative interaction cycle as a pattern.
  • To understand the source of reactive emotions that drive the pattern.
  • To create new and positively bonding emotional events in the relationship
  • To help maintain a sense of intimacy

Individual Counseling
  • Individual counseling is a direct, active and personal approach that focuses on increasing your individual self-awareness, understanding, and adjustment.
  • Inividual counseling can help you identify the most effective ways for you personally to achieve your desired goals in life, as well as provide you with the tools to cope with difficult circumstances that may arise along the way.
  • The nonjudgmental support provided by our therapist helps you feel at ease, while helping you understand that you are not alone during this often confusing time.

Counseling in Dallas, Texas
Family counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center in Dallas, Arlington, & Fort Worth Texas
Marriage counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center in Dallas, Arlington, & Fort Worth Texas
Individual counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center
  • EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.
  • EMDR is an evidence-based psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, successful outcomes are well-documented in the literature for EMDR treatment of other psychiatric disorders, mental health problems, and somatic symptoms.
Eye Movement Desentisization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
EMDR at New Horizon Counseling Center in Dallas, Artlington, & Fort Worth, Texas
  • Play therapy is a type of mental health, educational, or developmental intervention that is designed to help children grow up as happy and well-adjusted as possible.  It involves the use of play to communicate with children and to help children learn to solve problems and change their negative behaviors.
  • Play therapy creates a safe atmosphere where children can express themselves, try new things, learn more about how the world works, learn about social rules and restrictions, and work through their problems.  Play therapy gives children an opportunity to explore and open up more than usual.
Play Therapy / Child Therapy
Play Therapy at New Horizon Counseling Center
Teen counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center
Teen Counseling
  • Our trained therapist that work with adolescents, have worked with teens with depression, suicidal thoughts/ideation, cutting, behavior issues, substance abuse, sexual abuse, bullying issues, Aspergers, & low self-esteem.
  • Resolving poor communication or arguing with parents.
  • Teens that have problems expressing self.
  • Problems dealing with separation or divorce.

  • Acquire the ability to relax completely in any situation.
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Reduce conflict and stress.
  • Discover your negative mental patterns and how they affect you.
  • Select your goals in life; chart your course for their realization.
  • Program your mind with positive mental concepts and success attitudes.
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